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You are holding your gorgeous bundle of love and you are starting to feel ready. Ready to move, to get outside and show your little one the world. More importantly you are ready to start moving your own body.

Take it slowly. Many recommend waiting until after your 6 week check up before embarking on a fitness routine. CrossFit Babes owner Revie-Jane Schulz recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. As Lexi is nearing 3 months, Revie is getting back into exercise. She has shared her lovely long walks on her instagram account, has slowly moved into heading out with a running pram for a jog and now shares this simple workout you can do with your bubba resting in their pram. We love to spray a little Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile Baby Room spray around the pram, this reminds baby of home and can encourage them to rest while you walk.

As you walk: 50 Walking Lunges 50 Squat + Twist 25 Step Ups Left 25 Step Ups Right 25 Elevated Push Ups 25 Bar Rows 50 Walking Lunges Covering 3km as we walked along.

Remember – Take care of yourself. Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables available to blitz up a smoothie if you are hungry, they are quick, easy and healthy.




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