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Bubba Organics range of pure, natural and organic by nature baby skincare can be happily used by the whole family. We have compiled some fantastic tips to share with you from mums all around Australia on new ways to use your Bubba Organics products.

Bubba Organics Baby Room Sprays are beautiful natural sprays perfect for soothing & comforting your baby at bedtime while naturally freshening your home & nursery.

We have also discovered that our room sprays are being used in a variety of different ways, making them a versatile natural option replacing many chemical based products you may find in the home  – here are a few examples & tips that you may find helpful – * Natural lightly scented Linen spray * Spray on your clothes prior to ironing to make ironing easier * Soft furnishings refresher * Keep in the car as an air freshener * Beautiful air freshener for every room of the house * Freshen your family pets bedding * Spray on the baby wrap hanging over bubba’s pram while out for a walk, reminding your baby of home. * Spray the Lavender & Chamomile on your pillow & around the bedroom before bed to help calm & relax. * Spray the Eucalyptus & Melaleuca on your pillow & around the bedroom before bed to help clear the nose.

Not only for the smallest member of the family Bubba Organics Baby Hair & Bath Wash can be used by everybody! Our non-drying formulas have an Aloe Base (not water) and are completely natural, replacing many products in the bathroom.

Our beautiful Baby Hair & Bath Washes  gently cleanse, soften & moisturise baby.  They can also be used as follows – * Moisturising family hand wash. * A gentle cleansing family shower & bath wash. * All natural Bubble bath for the whole family. * Australian Goats Milk Baby Hair & Bath Wash is scent-free & non-drying making it fantastic for eczema sufferers and those with extra sensitive skin.

Our beautiful, soft and natural Bubba Organics Baby Moisture Lotion can also be used to help gently soothe the skin of all family members.  It is very soothing on dry & sensitive skin and can be a gorgeous way to assist in bonding with your precious baby when used during baby massage.

Bubba Organics Baby Bottom Creams are the perfect choice for bubba’s sensitive bottom. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Oil & Shea Butter our creams are also excellent as an effective & nourishing hand cream.  Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Scent-free Baby Bottom cream is the perfect choice for dry & extra sensitive skin helping relieve the effects of eczema & can also be used on the face after shaving.

Sarah x


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